A dog that is well behaved and pleasant to be around....isn't that what we all want? A calm household and a well behaved companion?

Paws n Think can help you obtain that goal! In our home sessions, we take the time to explain how dogs communicate, what our dog needs from us, and how to create a calm and happy environment for all of the members in your home.

Granted, obedience classes and socialization with other dogs are VERY important, but your dog will spend most of his or her hours in your home, much like humans spend most of their daily time at work or school. Training in the dog's environment will keep both you and your dog relaxed and will give you the tools to create a well behaved family member. That knowledge can then be carried into real world scenarios. If you have issues that you are struggling with, or perhaps you are introducing a new family member into your home, I would love the opportunity to set you on the right course for a great relationship with your dog.


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