Meet Colleen

IACP certified trainerFrom a very young age, it was clear that I had a special connection with animals. There seemed to be an intuitive communication with both dogs and horses that many professionals have since told me cannot be taught and I've learned to accept that it is a God-given gift. I spent several years raising and training racehorses, until a medical issue pushed me out of that industry. I began working in the optical industry, and continue to work in that field today.

In 2011, facing yet another surgical procedure and due to the time I'd be home to recover, my husband and I decided to bring a new Golden retriever puppy into our lives. Little did we know what kind of changes this small bundle of fur would create. Family members challenged me to teach Ronan unusual tricks, and through those challenges, Ronan ended up being featured on Cesar Millan's website. Being a huge fan and as far as I was concerned, this was the equivalent to winning an Emmy! This gave me the courage to contact a local IACP Pro-Master trainer who agreed to an apprenticeship and I was blessed to travel and learn from him as he built his dream facility.

Unable to keep that job due to financial reasons, training went to the back burner yet again. In August 2013, through the prompting of family and friends, I launched Paws n Think Dog Training. The results have been amazing and I have already been blessed to help many new clients in their goal of a calm and happy home with their four legged family members.

Whether the issues are a nipping puppy, anxiety, fear aggression, you name it, the owners and I are able to identify the problems, overcome the obstacles, and
correct the behaviors that can create chaos in the household. My training methods teach you how to earn your dogs respect through structure and discipline that they can understand. The ultimate result is a happy pup and some very happy parents!

I'm a firm believer that, just like children, dogs need guidance. A happy dog will give you what no other creature on earth has quite mastered....unconditional love.

I don't teach agility, (not a fan of that whole "running" thing) and I can't teach your dog to hunt (I'd be more apt to train Bambi how to hide from you). But if a well behaved, relaxed, and happy dog is your ultimate goal, give me a call today! I look forward to working with you and your pup! (248) 425-3205


"Thank you Colleen from Paws n Think Dog Training, LLC...great training with our little Charley. We already see improvement and you were a wealth of information!"

- Rachel S.


"Colleen is amazing and has really found her calling!"

- Ginnie W.


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