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Puppy and adult dog training in Macomb County, MichiganIn home dog training (Macomb County area) - initial session $95.00 (add $25 for each additional dog that will be included in a training program) In our 1st session, which generally lasts about 2 hours, we will discuss & immediately begin working on correcting behavioral issues. We will also address the things that you, as the dog’s owner, can work on to help your dog become the companion you desire. I will supply 1 Mendota slip lead (as it is my leash of choice) & additional training tools will be discussed if we agree that they are needed. Sometimes one session is enough..... if more help is needed, we can discuss package pricing. Trust me, I'm easy to get along with. ;-)

Dog obedience training - MichiganTraining at additional sites.... Are you leery of taking your dog to public places, such as malls that allow dogs or perhaps Michigan’s beloved cider mills? After our initial session in your home, when I have a better understanding of your pet’s individual personality and “quirks” (hey- we all have ‘em)... I will happily meet you at outside venues to help you and your dog learn to relax around outside stimuli. Truth be told, you’re probably making your dog nervous in those scenarios.... and I can show you the minute body language changes that humans unconsciously do that make our canine companions overreact or lash out. With proper leadership, we’ll work together to make you confident in each other.

Treadmill training - Teaching your dog to utilize the treadmill for exercise is extremely valuable, especially in the winter months, as built up energy can lead to negative behavior due to boredom. Admit it... you’re using it as a clothing rack anyway, right?

If you require specialty training, such as agility or hunting... please ask. I can direct you to some phenomenal individuals who specialize in those areas.

Payment methods accepted: Cash and check are preferred. If paying by credit card (Master Card, Visa, or Discover) an additional $3.00 will be added to cover the fee.

Visa, MasterCard, Discover accepted


"Colleen is absolutely amazing. Being first time puppy owners, we were completely out of our element. Our puppy has become the family dog we envisioned thanks to Paws 'n Think!"

- Larry F.


"If anyone is looking for a great dog trainer you need to contact Colleen. The dogs love her and she has a way with them that they understand. Also important she, gets the pet owner on track with their pet."

- Bonnie L.



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